Update: Redcarpet2   by Ryan

Everyone loves Markdown, and Bugrocket is no exception. We use it for ticket comments and list descriptions. We use a few extensions for linking to other tickets and lists, embedding file uploads and so on as well.

Up until this weekend the backend was BlueCloth with plenty of hacks to make it act like GitHub Flavored Markdown.

If you follow this sort of thing you may have noticed that GitHub is now using a new library (courtesy of @tanoku) called Redcarpet2.

Well it made all our hacks obsolete (replaced with proper extension-style overrides for Bugrocket specific stuff), allowed for a nice organization refactor and much more. Here’s the improvements we’re enjoying practically for free using this new miracle library:

  • Autolinking is more robust, and will no longer markdown process the inner text of the link (no more https://domain.com/somefile_foryou).
  • Fenced code blocks with syntax highlighting via Albino. This is awesome because you can stop fussing with indenting code blocks by 4 spaces and just do this instead:

      ~~~ javascript
      $(document).ready( function() {} );

    The result will look something like this:

    A list of supported languages is over at the pygments docs.

  • Strikethough via wrapping with ~~’s
  • Performance improvements like you would not believe, thanks to Redcarpet being C behind the scenes.

More coming!