Update: Read API   by Ryan

TL;DRAPI Documentation

We’ve been working on our API for a while now and we’ve recently solidified the read-only side of it. You can use it today!


You can get access to most everything under your account through a straight forward REST-ish interface. The only thing we aren’t exposing right now is file attachments in ticket updates, and that’s because the S3 urls we generate are short-lived and the backend representation of the files is undergoing some cleanup – it will be added soon.

Get Access

Nothing special needs to be done to get access. Simply head over to the admin page in your account. On the right side near the bottom you’ll see a section about API access:

Be sure to do as this screenshot suggests and check out the documentation.

Rate Limiting

The docs go into detail, but also notice that there on the admin page you can see your quota and the remaining requests in the (rolling) time window.

If you have a use-case where you could use or need more quota, don’t hesitate to ask us via the feedback button in the app or emailing support.

Write API

This is only the start. The read API can use very useful for showing information on dashboards (like ducksboard or geckoboard) or even just peace of mind and backing up your own data. But the real fun starts with the write API which we are actively working on.

It will likely come with a switch to OAuth2 instead of HTTP Basic for authentication, along with other various improvements we come up with or are suggested by you.


Do you want to use Bugrocket’s API to allow external users to create things or to expose certain data? Are we missing something you desperately need? Are we totally awesome?

Use the feedback link in the app or email us and let us know.