Update: Custom Logo   by Ryan

While updating the avatar uploading code to support retina display sizes (which is pretty nice in itself, I think!), it occurred to us that something freelancers often want to do is keep several ACL’d projects in their account and give access to their clients.

This worked fine already, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could apply some custom branding to the site so that your client sees Magical Consulting Inc. instead of Bugrocket at the top of the page?

Well, now you can!

The first and biggest step to custom branding is a custom logo. You’ll find it on the admin page, and it will affect every page of your Bugrocket subdomain/account.

A quick drag & drop...

The new logo will immediately appear in the header.

Bonus! – it will also appear in update & welcome emails.

We’d like to expand this to have options for link & button colors for a fully branded feel. This will require some refactoring and re-thinking about how styles get applied. Hopefully that will appear soon.

A few other bits & pieces.

While we were at it, a few other small updates made it in.

  • Inviting a user to your account will now not send them a temporary password. In fact they’ll have no password at all! Instead there’s a new welcome page that asks them to set a password, confirm their timezone (since it might differ from the inviter), and upload an avatar.

  • Similarly, resetting your password will now prompt you to set a new password as soon as you login instead of making you find your way to your profile yourself.

  • Mentioned briefly above, retina-capable avatars! Re-upload your avatars now for a much nicer high-res look. Gravatar also still works of course and will load the appropriate size if possible, so update your avatars there if you use that.

That is all. Carry on squashing those bugs!