Update: Project Changelogs & More   by Ryan

Quite a few updates to talk about!


First up is per-project changelogs. We quietly released this a while back. Pretty self explanatory, pages that aggregate all of the changes to all of the tickets in a project on one page.

So you already get emails, and that’s a good way to keep up with what’s happening in the bug tracker. But sometimes you’re away for a few days or you just want to help out confirming or testing things. Enter the changelog.

It looks something like this:

It does just what you’d think. It shows a short, condensed view of all changes to the project in chronological order. You can see status/priority updates, assignee changes and a snippet of the comment.

You can get to it via the overview page (lists -> all projects/lists), set one as your default landing page or (super secretly) you can click the little divider with the project name in the lists menu.

There’s also an RSS feed, the link includes a per-user token so you can add it to a rss reader/notifier, but project access controls wont be compromised (if a user is made inactive the link will stop working).

List Due Dates

This one was an idea that we weren’t sure was going to make it. As developers we’re allergic to hard due dates — they’re often unrealistic. This means we’ll never make per-ticket due dates, but per-list due dates means you can do things like:

  • pin a deploy to a date, and then move things that won’t make it
  • make sure everyone knows there’s a hard deadline, possibly enforced by a third-party
  • set up sequential releases (1.0, 2.0, etc) and make target dates for their release
  • set up feature focused releases, with estimated dates

We found outselves often using the list description text as a place to put deploy dates, it’s probably what we’ve used it for the most. So hopefully this is a helpful ‘official’ way to set big-picture dates.

You’ll find the due-date control on the list sidebar, and it also shows up on the…

Redone Overview Page

There’s a new account overview page! It now looks like this:

Besides the visual overhaul, now you can see the total breakdown of tickets in the list. If you hover on the progress bar you can get details about how many tickets are in each status.

This page used to show how many tickets were assigned to you in the list, but we found that since this information is already available on the list (via filtering) and also via the ‘Assigned to Me’ page (in the tickets menu), it just wasn’t that useful here as well.

Visual Tweaks

Aside from the totall new overview page, quite a lot of visual tweaks were made around the site. In the billing area, in the filtering sidebar, on the account admin page, and if you look real close at the overview screenshot you’ll notice that status colors have been adjusted to match better with the site in general. Also if you’re using a Retina display, you’ll notice all of the interface images are now nice and sharp.

Last but not least…

We’ve got a new homepage! Check it out!