RailsCasts 300th Episode Contest

All of Bugrocket’s tech stack is open source. Every last bit. This fact (and also just on principle) makes us want to contribute back whatever we can. Sometimes, though, it can be hard – a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately GitHub makes a lot of this process a lot easier. Pull Requests are a straight-forward way of organizing and discussing contributions, letting you focus on the code and not process (we know a little about that here at Bugrocket).

So all that’s left is to actually make some contributions. That can still prove problematic for any number of reasons. Enter RailsCasts, providing some incentive and push to get involved with open-source.

Ryan Bates is running a contest commemorating RailsCasts’ 300th episode that you can enter by submitting a pull request to your favorite project on GitHub and emailing a link to entry@railscasts.com. You can watch the 300th episode itself for a crash course on how to actually use pull requests if you aren’t familiar.

For our part, we’re sponsoring the contest with a prize. We’re sending a Kindle Fire to one of the winners selected by Ryan along with some Bugrocket stickers and a code for 6 months of free service.

In addition to a free year of RailsCasts Pro for every winner, other big prizes include a 32GB iPad Wifi from G5, 1 year of Network Redux’ E-VS1 managed virtual server and free domain names from DNSapp.net.

So look through your stack at all the open-source code, go check them out on GitHub and see if you can fix a bug or get some changes you’ve already made for your own use pushed back upstream so everyone can benefit.