An Official Press Release

Hey look, a Bugrocket press release! Feels official.

Exhausted by Feature-Laden Software, Developer Builds as Dirt-Simple Bug Tracking Tool

Bug tracking is something development teams deal with on a daily basis. It can be an annoying and time consuming process. Several software tools attempt to help teams deal with this process. For most developers, it is a frustrating experience to configure these bug tracking tools to meet their needs. solves that problem by eliminating extra features. It reduces the need to configure the tool or track progress and instead focuses attention on one core task: fixing bugs.

While working on various development projects, Ryan Funduk, co-founder of, went through the bug tracking frustration. "I tried a number of tools. Most had extra features for time tracking, project management, road mapping, graphing progress, you name it. I felt like the bug tracker was giving me more work to do. I was working for the tool instead of the tool making my day easier." His frustration grew strong enough that he finally built his own tool. "I just needed a tool that let us do basic bug tracking. I eliminated the excess project management features that were taking up time. Our team became much more efficient."

After hearing similar stories of frustration from other developers he decided there might be a market to share his tool. This summer he got his bosses to invest a little seed funding to help him clean up his tool and launch to the public as strives to be the 'un-feature' bug tracker. The aim is to empower developers by reducing the administrative and project management work that is often pushed their way through such tools. To do that the tool offers basic functions for capturing, assigning, and managing bug tickets but intentionally eliminates everything else that might be considered an extra feature. The result is a streamlined tool that's very easy to use.

"Our team is small. We operate a lean development process and constantly iterate. Our project manager uses Basecamp from 37 Signals to track workflow and deadlines. We didn't need our bug tracker to do that too. Bugrocket lets us effectively communicate and fix issues without slowing down."

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